Many people are overcome with a temptation to start with their face when applying spray tan. After all, this is your money-maker and therefore you’ll no doubt be desperate to see what you look like with a sun-kissed complexion. You should, however, resist this urge and instead start with your feet. Once you’ve done these, you should then slowly work your way up before finishing with your face. Let’s look at three reasons why this is often the best plan of action for people when applying spray tanning solution.


There’s a higher likelihood that you could end up with less than perfect results if you finish with your feet. This is because you risk inadvertently wiping solution off your body – particularly your tummy area – if you bend your body to tackle your feet at the end of the process. In the end, you could find that you’ve ended up with streaky lines across your stomach due to where you’ve contorted your body and the effect this has had on the mixture.


Quite frankly it’s usually more convenient to have your face free. This means that – if necessary – you can still do things like take a phone call or listen to your headphones when applying the solution to the rest of your body. If you started with the face then you wouldn’t be able to do such things while spray tanning the rest of your body – meaning the rest of the spray tanning experience might feel a bit more burdensome and a lot less pleasurable.


If you start with your feet before gradually moving from your legs and up to your torso, it should mean that you’re able to complete the process slightly quicker. After all, once the solution on your body dries you’ll be free to put on your clothing and go about your normal business. This is certainly important for those people who are eager for the application process to be over so that they can start looking forward to the amazing results.

Good luck!

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Image by congerdesign via Pixabay