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  1. Aloe Vera Moisturiser 200ml

    This oil-free moisturiser is the perfect way to keep your skin hydrated after a spray tan.

  2. Fresh Indulgence Barrier Cream

    Fresh Indulgence Barrier Cream can be used to minimise or completely block DHA absorption. It helps to blend rough and dry areas such as hands, feet and elbows. Multi-Buy offer avaliable. 

  3. Fully Stocked Retail Display Unit

    Fresh Indulgence retail display unit

  4. Golden Glow

    One of our most popular products, Golden Glow is perfect for topping up spray tans on areas which tend to fade faster (face, hands, arms), for giving yourself a beautiful glow when the need arises, or for taking on holiday!

  5. 5x Tanning Mitts with FREE 200ml Revive Anti Ageing Self Tan

    Buy five self tanning mitts, receive a 200ml self-tan spray absolutely free.

  6. Fresh Indulgence Self Tan 200ml & Free Mitt

    Fresh Indulgence Revive – comes in Light tan, Medium tan or Dark tan - With the Revive range of self-tan products, Fresh Indulgence has fulfilled its commitment to providing every individual who desires that healthy summer complexion with a safe means of achieving it.

  7. DHA Booster Drops

    Spray Tan Intensifying DHA Booster Drops 50% DHA, 50ml bottle, Strongest DHA concentration on the market; largest bottle on the market; lowest price on the market.

  8. Barrier Cream Bulk Deal

    This barrier cream can be used to completely block DHA absorption (e.g. palms, nails), but can also be applied lightly to moisturise drier areas such as feet, knees or elbows to prevent excessive absorbtion in these areas and give your client a perfectly even spray tan.

  9. Prep Spray with Aloe Vera

    Fresh Indulgence Prep Spray will remove oils, makeup, deodorant, sweat residue and the film left by razors with moisturising strips (streaky legs sound familiar?). This is also a very important step for clients with oily skin. 

  10. Caribbean Self Tan 200ml & Free Mitt

    Self tanning mousse with free Self Tanning Mitt

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