Whether it's a spray tan before the holiday season arrives or using self-tanning lotion at home regularly to maintain a healthy glow, these kinds of products are enduringly popular. This is because they not only keep you looking tanned and beautiful but also give your self-confidence a boost. There are lots of self-tan products you could buy to achieve this but it pays to use the right ones. A very important thing to check before buying is that they are 100% paraben-free.

But why is this so crucial?

What are parabens?

In simple terms, parabens are chemical compounds that are still used in many cosmetic products. This can include anything from certain facewashes to toners, blusher, mascara and shampoo. In addition, some products which help you maintain a fake tan or achieve a golden glow at home may contain them.

But why do some brands still use parabens? In essence, they act as a preservative to keep beauty products fresher for longer. While the need to preserve beauty products is key, there are natural alternatives to parabens out there (such as grapefruit seed extract or salicylic acid) that do the same job.

Why is it key to use 100% paraben-free self-tan products?

The <a-href="https://www.ewg.org/what-are-parabens">concerns around parabens</a> in self-tan products is critical because of the possible risk to human health they bring. This specifically relates to skin irritation that parabens can cause in some people and the disruptive impact they can have on hormone production. For most people though, the biggest concern is the possible link between parabens and cancer.

Parabens can act like the hormone estrogen in the human body and scientists think that exposure to environmental estrogens such as this may lead to a higher risk of certain forms of cancer, such as breast cancer. It is also believed that products which contain parabens are bad for the planet. This is because they are an artificial compound that escapes into the wider environment when beauty products containing them are disposed of.

100% paraben-free products from Fresh Indulgence

The bottom line is that it's wiser and better for the planet to choose beauty products that are 100% paraben-free.

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Image by Ben_Kerckx via Pixabay