We've all seen in the media that spray tans can be considered tacky and unattractive, but is this the truth? There are always those characters in films that are sprayed to look orange to accentuate the idea that they are ditzy and only interested in their appearance. What films fail to represent is that spray tans can give you a polished and refined look to make you go from dull to glowing. 

Lifting your look

After the colder winter months, it is fair to say that everyone is a little on the pale side. Having to wrap up from head to toe can make getting a tan seem pointless, so you put it off. However, as soon as the summer starts to make an appearance, you want to be able to get your legs out but they look as pale as a milk bottle. This is the perfect time to get a spray tan, gradually building it up to give you the best colour to compliment you. 

What does it do for your mental health?

It may sound extreme to say that a spray tan can boost your mental health, but self-care certainly can give you a major confidence boost. Again, after the winter months, you can feel a bit lacklustre about yourself and your look, so make a start by taking care of yourself from your hair down to your tan.

The comfort of your own home

Getting a spray tan can feel a little daunting if you are self-conscious about yourself, but the benefit of Fresh Indulgence is that you can achieve that glowing goddess skin in the comfort of your own home. Why not make a night of it? Getting to those hard to reach areas can be a bit of a challenge, so why not invite the girls round and give each other a hand? You will all be ready to take on the world with your new looks and have a great time in the process.

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