A bronzed glow can instantly make you look healthier and feel more glamorous. The dilemma that faces most people is how to achieve this tan: with spray or the sunbed rays? Here are the reasons why a spray tan will always come out on top when it comes to rocking the golden skin.

1. Damage

The most obvious consideration when it comes to tanning solutions is the amount of damage it can cause to our skin. Studies [https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/causes-of-cancer/sun-uv-and-cancer/sunbeds-and-cancer] have shown that using a sunbed to tan increases the risk of developing skin melanoma by up to 20%. The effects of the tan may be longer lasting, but so are the effects on the skin, which include sunspots and premature wrinkles. Fresh Indulgence's spray tanning solutions are 100% paraben free, providing a flawless tan without the skin damage.

2. The best solution for fair skin

Paler ladies and gentlemen will know that getting a tan is difficult. In direct sunshine or even in the controlled conditions of a sunbed, it's all too easy to burn before reaching your desired depth of colour. With a spray tan, it's easier than ever to get the tan colour you always dreamed of, without needing to apply aloe vera to the peeling skin afterwards.

3. Immediate results

There are only so many hours in the day and we all lead busy lives. We want to spend our day embracing life instead of lying in a sunbed thoroughly bored. A tanning bed might even require numerous sessions in order to build up to the desired bronzed colour. With a spray tan, results are almost immediate and sure to turn out exactly as you would expect. Unlike sunbeds, reapplication isn't necessary until the semi-permanent colour fades. 

4. Even coverage

With an improper rotation technique on the tanning bed, it's easy for your tan to be uneven and look completely unnatural. With a sunbed, this is a tanning disaster that is not so easy to fix. On the other hand, spray tans are designed with even and natural coverage in mind.

When it comes to tanning, a spray truly is the only way.