We usually partake in spray tanning and exercising for the same reasons. After all, both make us look fabulous and feel amazing in our own skin! You should, however, be careful to do them in the right order. This is because you could actually limit the effect of your spray tan if you’re quick to workout afterward. Let’s look at four reasons why you shouldn’t exercise after bronzing up.


There’s something relaxing about applying a spray tan. In fact, it can almost feel like a much-needed massage! The problem arises because this actually helps your body to wind down and instigate sleep. The end result is that you’ll probably be lacking the right amount of energy to hit the gym after spray tanning, meaning you probably won’t get much out of your workout.


It’s advisable that you wear loose-fitting clothing after giving yourself a sun-kissed tan. This is to stop the fabric from pressing against the newly-applied solution and rubbing it off. Of course, you should wear tight-fitting clothing when working out for comfort, safety and to promote performance – but you won’t be able to do this if you’ve just tanned up.


It’s great to break a sweat when you’re exercising. That is unless you’ve just applied spray tan. You should try to steer clear of excess moisture when you’ve just applied the mixture or else it could make your tan look streaky. Unfortunately, sweat – even in small amounts – could ruin what has the potential to be a smooth and consistent tan.


There’s no avoiding the shower after a strenuous workout. Unless you want to avoid coming into contact with other human beings, you’ll need to give yourself a good clean once you’ve finished exercising. However, you should be aiming to avoid water for up to eight hours after applying the spray tanning solution – and this includes getting a shower.

Do it the right way!

You should always make a point of hitting the gym and then applying a spray tan. This plan of action – along with the best paraben-free spray tanning products from Fresh Indulgence – will mean nothing can stand in the way of you becoming a bronzed beauty.

Image by pixel2013 via Pixabay