1. Fake tanning preparation

A few days before your appointment, make sure to check your skin is ready (https://freshindulgence.co.uk/blog/How-to-prepare-yourself-for-a-spray-tan/). Most experienced therapists will explain the tanning procedure at the beginning of the appointment. They might give you some spray tanning advice and help you choose the right one for you. For example, they might be able to show you the best spray tan solution for fair skin, or recommend a spray tan solution for sensitive skin.

2. Getting your glow on

The beauty therapist will take you into a private room to undress. Some people wear underwear or a bikini, but you may prefer not to wear a bra or bikini top to avoid tan lines. Any clothing will be sprayed with tanning solution, but your therapist may be able to provide paper underwear. If you're feeling shy, it's worth remembering beauticians and spray tan specialists are no stranger to seeing people in the nearly-nude, so there's no need to worry.

Next, the beauty therapist will take you through to the tanning area. Here, you'll be sprayed with tan solution in a specialised room or inside a tent. Some salons have automatic spray tan booths. Depending on the method used the machinery can be quite noisy, and you'll probably hear an extractor fan drawing away any extra spray mist. If you find yourself unexpectedly pale after your treatment, relax: most tanning solutions darken over time.

3. Making a clean getaway

After the spray, you can dress and go about your day. It's likely that some of the spray tan machine liquid will transfer onto your clothing, so it's important to choose dark clothes to wear afterwards. Natural tanning solution usually shouldn't be washed off until about eight hours from application, but some formulas like Electric Tan develop in only a few hours. To make the most of your glow <b>spray tanning aftercare</b> is crucial, so make sure you talk to your beauty therapist about an appropriate regime.