It’s possible you’ll be faced with a dilemma when using spray tan. The following question might cross your mind, what should I do with my hair when applying the solution? Don’t worry, you won’t be the only person unsure of which direction to go in – and the route you choose will depend on a number of factors. Let’s take a look at three things to think about.

Scraping it back

If you have a fringe, bangs or any other hair that falls in your face, then you would be well-served to scrape it back. After all, any strands that are free-falling could potentially come into contact with the solution. This is problematic because it could mean that your locks are discoloured by the spray tan. This could be extremely disappointing, especially when you can’t flaunt your new sun-kissed complexion without being embarrassed that some of the solution can be seen in your hair.

Tying it back

Anyone with long hair should think about tying it back. However, some don’t choose to because they know that their hair will cover any white patches that might arise as a result. It’s always worth factoring in that you might one day choose to wear your hair up when out in public, which – if it wasn’t tied back when you applied the mixture – could expose an unsightly white patch.

Covering it all

What are the benefits of just covering your entire head, perhaps using the likes of a shower cap? Well, it eliminates the chances of you needing to fiddle with your hair at any point when applying spray tanning solution. After all, your hands could potentially be wearing a mitt or covered in bronzer and it becomes difficult to do anything about an idle strand mid-way through the tanning process. You can avoid this by keeping it covered.

It’s up to you!

The path you choose to go down will surely depend on the style and colour of your hair. Prior to choosing which direction to go in, the first thing you’ll need to decide where to get your spray tanning products. Thankfully, you need look no further than the paraben-free range available at Fresh Indulgence.