There is no doubt that a fabulous-looking tan has a lot going for it. Not only can it make you feel better and look slimmer, but you'll be ready for that big night out much sooner! Although heading out into the sun used to be the popular choice for tanning, this is no longer true. Sunless tanning is the preferred option for many people now in the modern world.

But what advantages does using self-tan products deliver?

Sunless tanning is safer

Compared to spending multiple hours under the glare of harsh natural sunlight, sunless tanning is much safer. This is because a sunless tan does not involve having to sit in the baking sun and expose your skin to UV rays. As a result, the potential health risks (such as skin cancer) that a natural tan comes with are not an issue with fake tanning products. In addition, sunless tanning avoids the risk of sunburn or sunstroke, which hours spent building up a tan outside can bring.

Quicker results

This is another huge benefit that a sunless tan delivers. The simple truth is that getting awesome-looking results from fake tan products is much quicker than sitting out in the sun to achieve the same thing. Building your tan up outside can take weeks which is not only long-winded but also an issue if you need a tan fast. Choosing sunless tanning eliminates these issues and means you can quickly achieve the look you want.

Range of products to use

Choosing to self-tan indoors also means you get access to a wide range of products to use. Spray tans for example now come in a selection of tones which means you can pick the exact one which suits you best. This is not true for tanning outdoors where you have to simply hope for the best, depending on how hot the sun is and how your skin reacts to it.

Self-tanning inside is also a lot more reliable in terms of results. Properly applied self-tan products or spray tans give an even, overall coverage to help you look great. Tanning in the sun, on the other hand, can leave you with a less even finish, depending on how much sun each part of your body gets.

Sunless tanning products from Fresh Indulgence

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Image by TerriC via Pixabay