Just because winter isn't usually associated with a beautiful glowing tan, doesn't mean you shouldn't have one. Below we've listed some of the top reasons you should have a spray tan during winter. 

1. A winter getaway

We all love to escape on a holiday during the winter season and if you find yourself lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere warm, then why not enhance your glow with a fake tan. You can begin your holiday with a tan and stay tanned throughout. Once you've finished your holiday, you'll be left with a real tan. Remember you can still tan through a fake tan, so you'll never have to compromise on a beautiful glow throughout the whole trip.

2. Christmas parties

Winter is the season of Christmas parties in the form of family gatherings, work staff parties, charity events and more! To ensure you're looking your absolute best, then make sure you invest in a fabulous spray tan to look great throughout the season. Spray tans actually go fabulously with Christmas colours such as white, gold, red and green, so they'll perfectly match these dress colours. 

3. Boost your mood

The winter season can leave us feeling a little blue, so it's a great idea to give yourself a much-needed confidence boost with a fake tan. It's no lie that looking great can leave us feeling great too. A tan is a quick, easy and effective way to boost your mood. 

4. Look after your skin

The winter weather can leave our skin feeling and look dry. Because you need to moisturise and exfoliate to get even coverage, spray tanning in the winter can make it easier to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. It can keep you motivated to look after your skin when you might otherwise neglect it.

If you're on the search for a fantastic spray tan enriched with vitamins and skin conditioning complexes, check out the 100% paraben-free spray tan range from Fresh Indulgence. With three ranges to choose from, you'll find something to suit your skin tone and leave you looking fabulous for longer during the winter season.