Having a sensitive complexion can be a significant risk factor for skin cancer, and being out in the sun can heighten the chances you suffer severe damage. Instead of hoping for a little colour and rolling the dice regarding your health, a spray tan is an excellent option.

However, you need to consider the tone and a few other factors to make it look subtle rather than streaky orange. So, whether you’re spray tanning at home or in a salon, keep the following tips in mind.

Exfoliate first

Your skin is likely a few different shades to begin with, so you need to prepare the surface first. Exfoliating with a skin-kind exfoliator helps the spray tan create an even tone when you do it everywhere you want to apply the tanning solution. Use sea salt, sugar, or sponge exfoliator to do the job.

Get rid of moisture and makeup

Anywhere you have lotion, cream or makeup on your body, you need to remove it altogether. If not, it’ll form a barrier against the tan, and you’ll end up with an uneven finish and something that looks unprofessional.

Use a spray tan solution for sensitive skin

Scour the market to find a product that’s best suited for your skin type. Not every spray tan is made for those with sensitive skin. Read labels if you’re in a store or contact the online seller if you can’t find the information you’re looking for.

Do a patch test

Once your skin is all set, and you’ve got the product you want, you should first try it out on a small patch of skin. Your arm or leg is a good place that doesn’t need to be on the show if you react. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so you don’t risk suffering a reaction over your entire body.

Consider an extender

Sure, you’ll look fantastic and glowing once you’ve applied the spray tan. However, it’ll start to fade over time, and your natural skin tone will show through one again and might create a patchy appearance. An extender will keep the colour going for longer before you’re ready for another top-up of tan.

By using our tips, you’ll have no issues tanning your sensitive skin and will look glowing and radiant and ready to face the world.

Image by TerriC via Pixabay