Sunbathing should be really fun – but sometimes it can actually feel like a total chore. Sadly it’s the only way to achieve a stunning tan though, right? Wrong. Not only will spray tanning solution lead you to hitting your tan goals with ease, but it will also take the heat off sunbathing this summer and make the activity feel like much less of a burden. Let’s look at three ways you’ll find this to be the case.

Don’t force it

The first sign of sun no longer has to be your cue to drop everything and hurry outside. Instead, you can still get on with your day-to-day life without being a slave to the rays. Once you’re sporting a beautiful spray tan, you’ll no longer have to force yourself to sunbath when it’s inconvenient or when you’re just not feeling it. The activity can then become something that you do when you actually want to do it.

Even more relaxation

It’s time to stop setting your watch when you’re sunbathing and chasing the rays around your garden. Instead, you can simply find a pleasant spot and relax without worrying that you’ll have to turn over in half an hour or move your seat later on to attain an all-over tan. After all, you’ll already be sporting a sun-kissed complexion thanks to spray tan so you can just lie back and chill out.

Wear what you want 

Sometimes it’s just not convenient to strip off to a bikini just because the clouds have parted. It might be chilly or you might have company around, so you might prefer to stay in your clothes. Fear not, keeping a t-shirt on or wearing sandals won’t leave you with disastrous white patches because you’ll be able to achieve a fantastic level of consistency by spray tanning every part of your body from your head to your toes.

Have fun!

This summer you can put the fun back into sunbathing – and all you need to make it happen is spray tan! The process starts by getting your hands on a paraben-free solution, so check out the fabulous products available at Fresh Indulgence.