The summer is becoming a distant memory. Whether you managed to catch some sun or not, there’s no need to wave goodbye to your golden brown skin just because it’s autumn. Instead, you just a spray tanning solution to attain a fabulous sun-kissed complexion throughout the season. Once you’ve got the products and are ready to transform your appearance, here are three tips for using spray tanning solution this autumn.

Keep people fooled

You should ideally try not to let your natural or fake tan fade before applying a spray tan. After all, if you use spray tan sooner rather than later you’ll just be topping up your current tan. This is important because it means you’ll never have to sport pale skin. Instead, your friends will be fooled into thinking that your skin tone is natural and that you’re immune from the effects of the autumn weather.

Expand your wardrobe

The autumn marks a great opportunity to expand your wardrobe with the likes of coats, scarves and gloves. Luckily, you’ll have plenty of styles to choose from if you’re rocking a beautiful bronze face. Darker skin tones typically mean you can pull off a wider variety of colours, with a higher likelihood that you can pull off autumnal shades like black and brown rather than letting them wash you out. Therefore, be sure to apply your tan before hitting the shops.

Save for illness

The autumn is when people start to suffer from a number of flu-related illnesses, such as coughs, colds and sore throats. Aside from what these ailments do to your health, they can also have the power to leave your skin looking pale and lifeless. Don’t worry, spray tan has you covered. The solution can give you a stunning glow for those days when you’re feeling less than 100%, so you don’t need the world to ever know that you’re under the weather.

Get yours!

You’ll surely have many great reasons to lather on the spray tan this autumn. Therefore, there’s no better time to check out the selection of paraben-free products available from Fresh Indulgence. Once it’s applied you’ll no doubt feel like a summer goddess well into the autumn!