It’s true to say that spray tan is more popular with men than most people tend to realise. In fact, according to a recent survey over 50% of guys have bronzed up at some point. It begs the question: what are the other 50% waiting for? There’s not much that compares to having an all-round sun-kissed complexion, which is exactly why all men should start putting the wheels into motion when it comes to getting a spray tan. They will, however, experience some differences when it comes to their female counterparts. Therefore, let’s look at three special tips for men applying spray tan for the first time.

Body hair

Men typically have more body hair than women, particularly on areas such as the face and chest. There’s no need to completely remove this hair, but the spray tanning solution will be more effective if it’s less thick. You should consider preening the area before applying the solution to ensure that it’s got the best opportunity to reach the skin. In addition, if you’re planning to shave then you should do this before applying the spray tan to avoid any pesky white patches.


Exfoliation is vital for anyone applying a spray tan. However, it’s arguably more important for men. This is because men generally have oiler skin compared to women, according to research carried out by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. This can act as a barrier to the spray tan when it’s applied, perhaps blocking you from achieving the spray tan that you rightfully deserve on your first time around.


It might be in your interest to start lighter with your first spray tan before gradually going darker. This is because it might be somewhat of a sudden change, therefore giving the game away that it's not natural. Women have a greater luxury in this department because they tend to wear make-up. However, if you want to keep people in the dark about the authenticity of your tan then you should think about taking it one step at a time.

Are you ready?

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 Image by Free-Photos via Pixabay