What girl doesn’t love slipping into a pair of heels when the mood strikes? The inch-adding footwear is a favourite for most women – and if you count yourself amongst them then you should know just how much you can benefit from getting a spray tan. Whether you’ve got a glitzy event coming up or whether you wear heels every day of the week, here are three reasons the shoes and spray tan go hand in hand.


Heels often help a woman to exude confidence. This might not happen though if you’re self-conscious about your feet, particularly the colour of them. Thankfully, you needn’t have to worry about your feet looking pale or blotchy if you’ve invested in spray tan. Instead, the solution will leave your feet looking sun-kissed and smooth as you strut your stuff in your heels.


You can’t have too many pairs of heels, can you? Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that different colours and different styles will suit you if your feet aren’t looking bronze and beautiful with the help of spray tan. Meanwhile, once you’ve achieved a consistent, dark shade you should find that your new skin tone better equips you to wear colours such as black heels, which might otherwise have washed you out.


They are many who say that ‘pain is beauty’ – and this can certainly be the case when you regularly wear heels and open yourself up to the likes of blisters, callouses and heels spurs. Luckily, the pain felt from these ailments can start to subside when you rub in spray tanning solution. This is because the solution is soothing to apply and full of moisture, meaning your feet will feel pampered once it’s on.

What are you waiting for? 

It’s about time you realised just how much a glorious tan can complement all those high heels in your wardrobe! Before you next slip on a pair and hit the town, be sure to get your hands on some of the amazing paraben-free products available at Fresh Indulgence. Don’t forget, it’s not just for your feet but for every part of your body!