It’s sad but it’s true that there are a number of misconceptions about spray tan. Unsurprisingly, these untruths tend to originate from people who haven’t even used it – and this is largely the route of the problem. If you’ve never used a tanning solution but are questioning whether or not it’s for you because of some tall tales that you’ve been told, here’s a quick rundown of the biggest spray tan misconceptions that you should just ignore. 

1. Skincare

There’s a belief among some that a spray tan will ultimately irritate your skin and leave it looking blotchy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, paraben-free products will usually do just the opposite. This is because they can act as a moisturiser, hydrating your skin in the process. This won’t just give your complexion much more life, but it will also better equip you to fight off issues like acne.

2. Water

There’ll always be someone who tells you to watch out for water when you’re sporting a stunning spray tan – as if the slightest drop of rain will leave you with marks across your face! In reality, spray tanning solution is highly resistant to water once it’s settled and you probably won’t even notice much of a difference if you were to regularly go swimming once it’s applied.

3. Mess

What a nightmare it would be to wake up with stained sheets or to take off your clothes and find that they’ve been marked. Luckily, this isn’t going to happen. Spray tan is actually formulated to dry at speed, meaning there’s only a short timeframe after it’s applied that you’re at risk of it causing any sort of mess. It’s not uncommon for people to apply spray tan in the hours before going to bed because they know it’s safe to do so and won’t ruin their sheets.

Now you know!

With the facts on your side, there shouldn’t be anything to stop you from treating yourself to a beautiful spray tan! If you’re currently looking for reputable paraben-free products, then be sure to check out the amazing range available at Fresh Indulgence.