You can apply spray tan to any part of your body, with the likes of the face, legs and arms usually getting a fair amount of attention! Consistency, however, is the name of the game – and due to this, many people like to cover every inch of their skin with the solution rather than accept any pesky white patches. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes quite easy to forget about certain body parts! Let’s look at three which people usually don’t spray (and why you shouldn’t miss them out).

Back of the neck

The back of the neck isn’t just one of the trickiest places to reach, it’s also one that is hard to see when your tan settles. This is especially true when people let their hair down, with long-flowing locks being likely to cover the untanned area completely. It might not seem like a big deal at the time, but it can hinder your ability to wear a stylish up-do when you’re showing off your spray tan.


The hands generally get missed out when people use a spray tanning mitt. In those final moments before allowing the spray tanning solution to settle, users remove the mitt and forget to do the hands. Unfortunately, the hands – both the palm and the knuckles – are always on show and can make for a stark contrast from the rest of the arm when they’ve not been made bronze.

Soles of the feet

The soles of the feet are typically exposed to very little sun and as a result, can be paler than other body parts. This is arguably why they deserve a touch of spray tan. Understandably people can forget about the soles of their feet because they’re stood on them when applying the solution. Not only does this mean the area stays extremely pale, but it can infringe on your ability to wear certain shoes, like flip flops or strappy heels.

Always remember

Of course, you don’t have to tan these areas if you don’t want to – but it’s always worth considering whether they also deserve to be bronze and beautiful like your other body parts. In the meantime, you can get hold of the spray tanning products you need by checking out the range at Fresh Indulgence.