It’s estimated that 20% of people now have a tattoo in the UK. This number is set to grow even larger over the next 10 years. If you’re already the proud owner of some ink or whether you’re currently eyeing up your first piece of body art, it probably won’t be long until you realise just how much tattoos and spray tan go hand in hand. Let’s look at three benefits that come from spray tanning when you’ve got tattoos.


You might think that you can just attain a bronze complexion simply by soaking up the sun. This is true – but it won’t do much good for your tattoos. The UV rays that you’ll be exposed to can cause havoc for your body art, causing the break-up of ink particles and discolouring it. If you routinely spend too much time in the sun it will severely age your tattoo, so to keep the ink looking polished and new your best bet is spray tanning.


Tattoos can begin to peel when there isn’t significant moisture in that area of the body. Thankfully, a spray tanning solution can provide the hydration that you need as well as giving you a killer sun-kissed complexion. Ultimately, each time you apply spray tan to areas near your tattoo you’ll actually be limiting the likelihood of the artwork beginning to peel and disintegrate.


You’ll have no doubt carefully selected your tattoo before getting it done. Due to this, you’ll be used to a certain level of control when it comes to your body and its appearance. Rather than let the sun work its magic and leave you with a tan that is perhaps too dark or too inconsistent, when you use spray tanning solution you can control the colour to ensure that it’s exactly what you want and complements the colours used in your tattoo.

Give it a go!

You’ll be ensuring that your skin – as well as your tattoo – always looks fab if you've used spray tanning solution instead of sitting in the sun. If you’re interested in giving it a go, check out the exciting range of paraben-free products available at Fresh Indulgence.