Right now, more of us than ever are turning to at-home beauty treatments. If you’re planning on self-tanning at home for the first time, here are the essentials you need to know for a flawless glow before you apply your spray tan.

1) Prep, prep and prep again

One of the most common mistakes people make when spray tanning for the first time is to skip the prep, which can lead to a patchy tan which doesn’t last. Make sure you exfoliate all over, either with a loofah or good quality body scrub. Don’t forget to pay plenty of attention to your knees and elbows too, as these areas are more prone to dryness and could end up looking blotchy and uneven once your tan is applied if not fully exfoliated. You will also need to make sure you have shaved, as shaving after applying your tan can make the colour flake off. Also remember to resist moisturising after shaving, as this will also prevent the tan applying evenly.

2) Patience and lose clothes

All too often, people go for a spray tan and put on tight-fitting clothes after, risking the solution rubbing off onto their outfit. One of the perks of tanning at home is having the time to let the tan solution dry fully before getting dressed, so patience is key!

Once you start applying your tan, don’t rush it. Start slowly from your feet up, and if possible, apply your tan in front of a full-length mirror so you can be sure you haven’t missed any patches of skin.

3) Maintenance

Once the tan is in place, you need to make sure you care for it! Gently pat yourself dry after a shower rather than rubbing your skin harshly with your towel, and moisturise regularly to stop the tan cracking. You can also keep your colour topped up using our Golden Glow solution, which is ideal for the areas that lose colour the quickest such as hands, face and arms.

If you're considering self-tanning for the first time, Fresh Indulgence has everything you need to get a perfect golden glow from home. Our products are all 100% paraben-free and formulated with the best ingredients to leave your skin feeling amazing.

Image by JIb_Enjoy via Pixabay