Spray tanning is much safer and healthier than being exposed to harmful and excessive UV rays, as well as making us feel better about ourselves. Here are a few reasons to invest in a spray tan.

Safer is better

Many people stick to spray tans for this reason. Harmful UV rays from the sun and tanning beds can cause premature ageing, however, spray tanning provides you with that glow without causing any harmful damage. If you manage to apply the spray tan using non-alcohol, natural solutions, even better. 

It gives you confidence

The golden complexion that comes as a result of spray tanning allows you to feel good and lets you wear anything you desire. This could be because your body looks more toned, or the bronze colour reminds you of vacation and summer. Whatever it is, it certainly makes you feel and look better, with the added bonus of it taking no time at all to apply.

You'll have healthier skin

When you choose a high-quality solution, your skin will become more conditioned. The best formulas incorporate vitamins and organic ingredients to help keep your top layer of skin delicate yet supple, so not only will you feel great but your skin will also benefit from spray tanning.

It isn't as messy

The application is less messy and provides better results than using some creams and lotions. You only have to allow the tanning solution to dry before putting on clothes, which cannot be said for certain tanning lotions and creams.

It doesn't matter where you live

With spray tanning, you can get the desired tanning results no matter where you live. If you live somewhere and there isn't a lot of sun, you can still get that sun-kissed look by simply spraying it on. If you work indoors and rarely get the opportunity to lay in the sunshine, spray tanning will also be for you.

This summer is the perfect opportunity for getting a spray tan which will secure your sun-kissed complexion. Here at Fresh Indulgence, we supply paraben-free solutions and products that are soothing for you to apply and to achieve that sun-kissed glow.