At Fresh Indulgence, we have built up a reputation for creating safe and healthy beauty products that you can take advantage of. We are the only UK-based company to make sure that our tanning solutions conform to tanning safety guidelines, meaning that you can achieve a safe and beautiful tan all year round. Our spray tan products are 100% paraben-free, but what does that mean for you? What are parabens, and why should you be avoiding them in your skincare? What are parabens? In a world where we are becoming more and more conscious of what we’re putting in, and on, our bodies, it’s important to be on the lookout for products that are free from harmful chemicals. Parabens are essentially preservatives, used in skincare and shampoo to stop bacteria and other microbes from growing. They give your products a longer shelf life, which might sound like a positive use for them. However, they have been under the spotlight for years now as experts question whether they are a threat to our health. The risks and why you should avoid them Parabens in your skincare or tanning products isn’t necessarily a problem for your skin, but there has been enough research to suggest that parabens can have an effect on your overall health. Parabens have the ability to interfere with your body’s hormones; they can mimic oestrogen which disrupts your natural hormone system. Your body can’t break down synthetic oestrogen, and that’s where the risk lies. Scientists and experts have looked into the possibility that parabens have a link to breast cancer or fertility issues. While they aren’t a direct cause, it’s probably in your best interest to avoid them where you can! Small levels of paraben won’t cause any harm but be wary of high doses. Sun-kissed look without damaging your health By removing such chemicals from your daily routine, you can rest in peace knowing that you’re in safe hands. That’s why by using our professional spray tan solutions, you can achieve that sun-kissed look without worrying about your health or the condition of your skin. So, to get started with a paraben-free fake tan and other related products, check out our extensive range of high-quality products, from spray tan starter kits to our body scrubs and moisturisers.