It would be lovely if a few hours in the sun would give us the tan we want so badly. Unfortunately, it’s more likely that you’ll come away with sunburn rather than the sun-kissed complexion you long for. The question is: what options do you have if you end up looking more red than brown after sunning yourself? Well, if this happens you could be well-served to start lathering on the spray tan. Let’s look at three ways you can benefit from using spray tanning solution when you’ve got a spot of sunburn.


Nobody wants to rock a red face – especially when you can easily achieve a golden brown skin tone by using a spray tan. If you’ve caught the sun in all the wrong ways and aren’t happy with the colour you’ve ended up with, the right spray tanning solution can work to give you a killer colour that’s much more on par with what you wanted when you sat in the sun.


The best spray tanning products are full of moisture which can rehydrate your skin and leave it looking much livelier. If you’re suffering from mild sunburn, you’ll certainly benefit from the fact that the solution is soothing to apply – therefore meaning it might go some length to taking the sting out of your burns.


It’s probably for the best that you stay out of the sun when you’re suffering from sunburn. Sadly, this might make you feel slightly guilty about having to stay indoors when everyone else is out trying to soak up as many rays as possible. Fear not, you’ll be able to skip the sun without feeling guilty if you use a spray tan. After all, you’ll already be sporting a golden brown complexion so won’t need to put yourself in harm’s way again.

Don’t wait!

Summer is officially here and it’s more than possible that you could suffer from mild sunburn at some point. If this happens then be sure to lather on spray tan to mask the redness and attain a more preferable skin tone. To check out a range of paraben-free products which could be perfect for you, visit Fresh Indulgence.