When the winter months roll in, it's easy to neglect our skin. The summer glow is long gone and you're left looking pale and in need of some vitamin D. Not only is spray tanning better for your skin than a sunbed, but it's also easy to apply evenly to the skin for a sun-kissed and streak-free finish. Here's why fake tan should be your number one beauty priority this party season: 

1. Let your family and colleagues see you in a different light

Treat your big night out as the ultimate pamper session, spending extra time exfoliating and moisturising your skin, preparing it to be bronzed to perfection. A tan can really transform your appearance, making you unrecognisable to your family on New Year's Eve and work friends at the office party. Tanned skin enables you to unleash your inner confidence, allowing you to communicate with people you wouldn't usually speak to; you might find a friend for life... or maybe even your future spouse. 

2. Picture perfect

How many times have you looked back on party photos and cringed to see Caspar the friendly ghost staring back? Pictures are guaranteed during festive parties and a healthy tan can help to combat unflattering flashback. In photos, you are sure to look like a bronzed goddess and be proud to post them to your social media feed. The contouring effect of tan can also make you look slimmer in photos, which is especially helpful if you've had one too many mince pies over Christmas. 

3. Healthy complexion

The flu virus is rampant and a nasty cold is making the rounds, which only makes your skin appear more sallow. A tan gives the appearance of a glow from within, making your skin look healthy. Even if you are getting over a winter bug, everyone else at the party will be none the wiser and assume you just got back from a holiday in Turkey. 

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