Many people question whether there is any point getting a spray tan in summer, or if they should try to tan themselves naturally in the warm weather. Below we explain 4 reasons why getting a spray tan in summer is still a great idea.

1. A spray tan is safer

Many people, when trying to get a natural tan, do not wear enough sun protection and damage their skin whilst they sunbathe. Without the right SPF, you can increase your likelihood of developing skin cancer and accelerate the ageing of your skin. Even if you wear sun cream with a high SPF, many people forget to re-apply it regularly and damage their skin.

2. A spray tan creates an even tan

Unless you constantly time how long you have been in the sun, and wear the same outfit every time you sunbathe, you will develop an uneven tan. Even if you spend an equal amount of time sunbathing on your back and front, some body parts, such as the neck, do not tan as easily as the face and arms, creating an uneven tan.

3. A spray tan can prolong your natural tan

If you have begun to develop a natural tan, this does not mean that you cannot develop your colour further with a spray tan. A spray tan can get your natural tan to the shade you want it to be and help preserve the life and quality of your tan.

4. A spray tan can nourish and care for your skin

Even if you have achieved a satisfactory natural tan, having a spray tan with vitamin complexes and skin conditioning ingredients will condition and care for your skin. This will ensure your tanned skin glows, and if you choose to wear shorts or a skirt this summer no one will be distracted by dry, flaky skin on your legs.

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