If you're new to self-tanning, or you simply haven't invested in tanning gear in a long time, it's important to know the basics. While picking self-tan for pale skin is a challenge in itself, there are a few other things you might want to invest in to ensure your tanning experience is great from start to finish. So what else should you be buying to make the most out of that brand-new glow? Here are a few things you might want to add to cart:

Darker-toned makeup

If you're naturally very pale, it's likely your foundation and concealer won't match your self-tanned tone in the same way it would your bare skin. As such, investing in make up a few shades darker than your standard colour is a way to ensure your tan can look great, and your makeup still stays on-point. Of course, you can opt to forgo the foundation altogether - but if you love getting dolled up in the evenings, then getting products that match your tanned skin is a must.

A high-quality mitt

You may be tempted to give self-tan a go using only your hands, but this is a mistake many newbies make - leading to stained fingers and mottled shades in the worst-case scenario. Invest in a good self-tanning mitt, and you're more likely to see great results. It also means when you top up that tan, you're getting a consistent look every time - no patchiness, and no unexpected splotches that can come from switching up your methods every time. Stick to the mitt, and you'll love the results.

Water-based moisturiser

If your current skincare routine involves an oil-based moisturiser, it's time to invest in something water-based to keep your tan looking fresh for longer. Whole-body moisturisation is a must to keep your tan on-point, but if you want to make it last as long as possible, stay away from the oils. There are also plenty of tan-topping moisturisers available, so if you want to keep your tan even and smooth for longer, they're worth investigating.

If you're planning to do self-tan DIY style, investing in your skin is step one. At Fresh Indulgence, we stock a wide range of tanning solutions ideally suited to you. Browse our full range online today.

Image by Claudio_Scott via Pixabay