For dancers and performers, it is essential to have a great tan. Having a tan when performing helps to highlight the definition of muscle tone, meaning that when performing or competing, the techniques can be seen easily and stand out more. If you're a dancer or performer, here are some of our top tanning tips.

Top tips

The first thing you need to do before your spray tan is to clean and exfoliate. The best way to do this is a take a shower the night before your tan and use a body scrub all over, head to toe. This will rid your body of any dry or flaky skin that the tan could stick to so it will go on evenly and adhere nicely. This should also stop any streaks from appearing and keep your skin nice and smooth.

Next, you should always apply lotion, before and after tanning. However, keeping your freshly tanned skin hydrated is essential in making sure the colour stays, and it doesn’t become dry and start to peel.

Presentability is key

Also, wearing nail polish, even just a clear one, can help to avoid your nails being coloured by tan. One of the most important things for performers and dancers is to look presentable on stage, so you won’t want to see any yellow/orange nails.

Another thing to consider when getting a spray tan is what you’re wearing. You need to ensure that you don’t have any tan lines on show for your on-stage costume. If you’re wearing a bathing suit whilst tanning, you need to make sure it’s smaller than the costume you’re wearing on stage so you don’t see any lines.

Bronzer lifehack

Adding a bronzer or body shimmer on top of your tan can make your skin look stunning underneath the lights on stage. This also helps in making your muscle tone and technique stand out.

Overall, keeping your skin feeling fresh and hydrated whilst tanning is essential. Following these tips will also help your tan last longer, look fresher and tone your body for those important performances.

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Image by marcianofab via Pixabay