Get ready to look good and feel good with our range of 100% paraben-free tanning solutions. Our tanning solutions will leave your skin glowing with a natural-looking tan, not caked in harsh and potentially harmful chemicals.

What are parabens?

Parabens are artificial chemicals often used as preservatives, particularly in the beauty, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The majority of beauty products on the market today, including spray tan solutions, contain parabens.

Are parabens harmful?

There is some evidence to show that exposure to parabens in large concentrations may be harmful ( As most beauty products contain parabens, and most people use more than one beauty product in their regular beauty regimen, it’s easy for your exposure to parabens to mount up over time.

Some types of paraben have been shown to cause contact dermatitis, exacerbate existing skin conditions or leave skin feeling extra sensitive and irritated – not something you want in your spray tan!

Other parabens have been shown to mimic or increase the effects of oestrogen in the body and may lead to hormonal imbalances. It is believed by some that these parabens may potentially increase the growth of some types of cancer. Whether you’re a regular spray tanner or a first-time fake tan user, we believe these chemicals are best avoided. There’s a better and safer way to create the look you want.

Enjoy safer beauty

All our sunless tanning products are 100% paraben-free and conform to the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety tanning safety guidelines. Our products are also certified cruelty-free – they have never been tested on animals and will never be tested on animals – so you can be doubly sure your skin is in safe hands.

Every one of our fake tan solutions uses botanical plant extracts, vitamin complexes and skin conditioning ingredients to leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Whether you’re choosing to spray tan in your home or visit a salon, you’ll achieve a gorgeous glowing tan and you can be confident your skin will feel well cared for too.

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Image by Iguanat via Pixabay