If you’ve never had a spray tan before the thought can be a little daunting. We’ve all heard horror stories or watched scenes in movies where spray tans go horribly wrong. Is there something obvious that you might forget to do beforehand? What are you supposed to wear? On that note, the thought of getting half naked with a complete stranger can be a worry in itself. Luckily when you are going for your tan you’ll be dealing with trained professionals who will make sure your experience is comfortable and you leave the glowing goddess you planned to be. Just in case though, here are a few of our pre-spray tan tips.

1. Exfoliate your skin

This step is absolutely vital if you want an all over even tone. If you have any dry or rough patches of skin you will find that the colour takes much better in these areas than the smoother and softer parts of your body. This results in blotchy dark patches which makes your tan look very uneven and unnatural. Make sure you combat this by exfoliating your skin with a loofah or a similar exfoliating tool beforehand. Focus on your knees and elbows as these areas are more prone to dryness.

2. Shave

Make sure you’ve shaved before your appointment as shaving after a spray tan can cause the colour to flake off. You’ll want your tan to last as long as possible so be sure to sort this out before you go. Also refrain from using lotions and moisturisers after shaving as these can prevent the colour from the fake tan from taking as well. They block the spray tan from sticking to your skin, this applies to deodorants, makeup and perfume as well.

3. Loose Clothes

If you’re lucky you will have time to let the formula dry completely on your skin before you leave. Unfortunately, this isn’t a possibility for all of us. Opt for loose clothes rather than close fitting ones so they have the least possible contact with your skin. Tight clothes can stop the solution sinking into your skin as it’s being rubbed off onto the material instead.

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