Want an effortless golden glow without the tell-tale signs that it might not be 100% natural? Here's how to get gorgeous glowing skin every time you spray tan.

Pamper yourself for a patch-free tan

The base of great sunless tanning is great skin and that means pampering yourself. For example, if you're having a spray tan before a holiday, start preparing your skin in advance with a regime of exfoliation and moisturising. Use a gentle body scrub to remove dead skin cells to reveal your ready to glow skin, then really slather on the moisturiser and let it sink in overnight.

Pay particular attention to knees, elbows, feet and ankles. These areas are prone to dry skin that can result in a patchy fake tan. Keep them moisturised and, should the worst happen, exfoliate these colour grabbing areas after spray tanning to keep the overall effect natural.

Barrier Cream is your friend

Barrier Cream can be extremely effective at repelling spray tan that otherwise leaves you with a tell-tale tidemark around the hairline. Smooth a small amount of barrier cream over eyebrows and around the hairline then remove after tanning with a soft cloth.

Get buff

Want to steal a tip from the tanning professionals? Then invest in a skin buffing tanning mitt to even out your skin tone after tanning for the perfect golden glow.

Get comfy

If you've used your lunch break to grab a quick spray tan top-up, then make sure you're wearing loose, dark clothing for work. A black or navy shift dress with bare legs looks smart and chic for spring and means that you don't run the risk of ruining your wardrobe staples with fake tan stains.

Polish for a polished result

Once you're happy with your fake tan, the work of a true glow pro is not over. Now you'll need to maintain your tan by sticking to a strict regime of polishing your skin through exfoliation and intensive moisturising. Feel your golden glow starting to fade? Then simply top up your tan with something from our range at Fresh Indulgence for a longer-lasting, natural and flawless effect.