There really is nothing quite as bad as a spray tan that's gone wrong.This is especially true if the reason you've indulged in a spray tan was for a special event. In order to avoid a spray tan disaster, we've listed some top tips below. 

1. Streaking and patchy tans

Streaking is commonly caused when the tanning technician has set the spray tanning machine on a setting that is too high, causing the tan to run down your body. This can also happen if you are self-tanning by applying too much tan at once. To avoid this, you need to prepare properly beforehand. You should also shave at least 24 hours before your tan and exfoliate well. Don't wear any oils or moisturiser as they can result in creating a barrier to the tan. If you follow these rules, then your tan should be streak and patch free. However, if you do find you're still having problems, then it may be something to do with your shower products, so keep them as simple as possible. 

2. Discolouration

We all want to avoid the dreaded "green tan". This is usually caused by a number of factors, including your spray tan solution is out of date and the use of deodorant, so ensure you avoid applying any in the lead up to your tan or immediately after.

3. Orange hands

Another disaster we want to avoid is the dreaded orange hands. It's actually not just your hands that can go orange, but your elbows, feet and knees too. This is because they tend to be drier, so they grab much more of the tan, thus resulting in the orange look. To avoid this, always ensure you apply "barrier" cream to areas that are naturally drier on your body. 

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