Whilst the current situation means you may not be able to go on your summer holidays this year, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your tan. A healthy bronzed glow not only makes everyone feel better but with all the tropical summer clothes on offer, it really makes those brighter colours pop. The Fresh Indulgence collection of spray tanning products will give you a silky-smooth island beach tan without even having to fly abroad.

Sunless tanning the safe way

Fresh Indulgence is committed to sunless tanning the safe way. Our products are 100% paraben-free which means they don't contain the synthetic chemicals often found in beauty products.

A healthy, natural result

Whether you want a light, medium or dark tan, Fresh Indulgence Self Tanning Revive will give you the glow you want. Gentle on even the most delicate of skins and infused with botanical extracts, it’s the perfect natural tanning solution for achieving pale gold or deeper caramel colours. Further powdered by natural moisturising ingredients, this self-tanning superstar keeps skin supple and soft, so your tan lasts longer.

Believable beach tan essentials

In order to achieve a tan that looks like you just landed back from Bora Bora, there are two secret weapon tanning must-haves that will ensure your bronzed skin looks like the real thing. A self-tanning mitt is your go-to application tool, designed to not only protect your palms from extra product but also to ensure your application glides on smoothly and evenly. A barrier cream is your second trick of the trade when it comes to spray tanning. Applying a barrier cream to drier areas such as elbows and feet will prevent the DHA from activating on these trickier bits, leading to a flawless tan from head to toe.

Maintaining your bronzed glow

To keep your spray tan looking hot, we recommend moisturising daily with a non-oil based product so that skin stays continuously hydrated. A pro tip is to also maintain your sunless tan with Golden Glow, a super effective airbrush tan that works its magic by topping up areas that have faded more quickly.

Image by adamkontor via Pixabay