It’s never too early to start preparing for your next festival. Your to-do list will probably vary depending on which events you’re going to this year, but one thing is always a necessity: a spray tan. There are loads of reasons why you should be sporting a sun-kissed complexion as you kick-back and watch your favourite musical acts perform live, so let’s look at three reasons why festival season always calls for a spray tan.


Festivals aren’t exactly known for being great for your health. There can often be an abundance of fast food on offer and little opportunity to get the nutrients your body really needs. This can hit your health – in the process causing you to look less than 100%. Thankfully, a spray tan is all you need to keep some much-needed colour in your cheeks and give the illusion that you’re still firing on all cylinders even after a few days of camping.


The memories you’ll make at a festival can last for a lifetime – as can the pictures! You need to prepare yourself for the fact that you’ll be posing for a few snaps here and there, so as such you’ll need to find a way to look your best. A spray tan can help make this happen as it gives you a consistent bronze colour that’s proven to make people look particularly photogenic.


It wouldn’t be a festival without loads of mud, right? Sadly, there’s little you can do about this. You can, however, make sure that you’re still looking picture perfect even when you’re faced with wearing wellies and a mud-splashed outfit. The muddy conditions can spoil the fun in a lot of areas, but it can’t take the edge off the killer complexion you’ll have after using a spray tanning solution.

Your secret weapon!

You’ll feel like you’ve really got an edge during this summer’s musical festivals when you’re looking oh so glamorous with the help of a spray tan. The most beautiful bronze skin that you can imagine could be yours just by checking out the amazing paraben-free products available at Fresh Indulgence.