It’s said that blondes have more fun – but there’s nothing wrong with putting that theory to the test! If you’re considering dyeing your golden hair and going brunette, it’s worth remembering that a spray tan can come in very handy. Let’s look at three ways a sun-kissed complexion goes hand in hand with a darker hair colour.

Skin tone

While you may never have considered yourself to be pale, you might find that your skin tone is lacking colour when set against your new brunette locks. There is, of course, no need to panic if this happens. Instead, you can touch up your complexion with the help of spray tanning solution. With different ranges for you to choose from, you can decide upon the ideal shade that will once again give you a skin tone that you’re much more familiar with.


Lifelong blondes might be a little startled when they first look in the mirror and see a brunette staring back at them. It’s only natural that you might start to experience some semblance of regret – and this could knock your confidence. Thankfully, spray tan is just what you need to lift yourself up. It’s designed to give you a blemish-free complexion alongside a killer tan, meaning you’ll have every reason to feel good about yourself as you get used to your new hair colour.


You’ll almost be reinventing yourself when you make the jump from blonde to brunette. With this in mind, why not also make an exciting leap when it comes to your complexion? Now would mark the perfect opportunity to embrace the world of spray tan and how it can change your appearance. It might even turn out that people are more interested in admiring your golden brown skin rather than your new hairdo!

Try it!

Fresh Indulgene is happy to equip you with all the paraben-free products you need before dyeing your hair. The likelihood is that you’ll enjoy the spray tanning process so much that you’ll keep doing it no matter what your hair colour is in your future! Be sure to check out our exciting range to see what tickles your fancy.