It’s amazing how much healthier and better you feel if you are sporting a nice tan. Especially, if you’re prone to the odd blemish, or have a skin tone that’s a little unbalanced. A nice even tan all year round will really lift your mood, and boost your confidence.

Don’t always expose your skin to the sun

For those of us who don’t live in a climate that provides year-round sunshine, a self tanning lotion or self tanning cream is a perfect solution to keep your tan topped up, and a far healthier option than sitting in the sun for hours at a time to achieve that bronzed look. You can give your skin that healthy glow without exposing it to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays which essentially dry out and, more importantly, damage your skin.

Boost your skin’s health

Self tanning products contain nutrients and vitamins to help moisturise your skin, but do check the ingredients as brands differ. The Fresh Indulgence range is 100% paraben free, meaning that they do not contain any nasty preservatives. Each self tanning product contains a blend of organic herbs, botanical plant extracts and vitamins. These ingredients will penetrate the layers of your skin, making it feel smooth, look healthy, and deliver a drop-dead gorgeous tan too.

How self tanning products work

Self tanning works by colouring the outer layers of your skin, giving you that perfect holiday tan. However, over time your skin will naturally shed, and your tan will fade. You can prolong the life of your self tan by regularly moisturising to keep your skin soft and supple.

Choosing the right self tanning product

You’ll find a wide range of self tanning products that won’t stain your clothes once applied. They all give you a dreamy tan, you just apply them in different ways. An electric tan will give you a last-minute, party-ready tan at short notice, while a self tanning mousse is one you apply by hand with a hand mitt, or you can opt for a spray tan done professionally in a salon. For more advice, browse the Fresh Indulgence website today or get in touch.

Image by DzeeShah via Pixabay