Despite the gorgeous weather the UK has been experiencing over the last few weeks, we all know the temperature could change at any moment, taking away those precious natural tanning opportunities. However, spray tanning has become widely popular amongst British women as a safe, easy alternative to tanning beds to maintain that healthy bronzed skin tone - you'll have everyone wondering where you just jetted off to for your recent holiday!

But sometimes, spray tans don't last as long as you might want. All too soon, the tan has worn off quicker than you can blink and you're back in again for a top up. Luckily, there are a few handy tips that can make sure your spray tan sticks around for longer than ever before. 

Exfoliate regularly 

A lot can be done before you even go into the salon for your spray tan. Many beauty experts highly recommend a period of body exfoliation to open up the pores of your skin. Exfoliation scrubs away any dead skin cells and creates a smooth and clean surface for the tan to settle on, reducing the risk of a patchy or streaky finish after the treatment. 

Time your hair removal just right 

Also, it's important to time your hair removal just right, otherwise you risk being unable to shave until weeks after the treatment. Shaving after a spray tan can make the colour flake and cause embarrassing streaks. Make sure you've invested in adequate hair removal before your tan so you can ensure the continued glow of your skin for weeks afterwards. 

Be conservative with moisturiser 

Remember, the beautician performing your spray tan is an expert. Many recommend using a series of moisturisers to keep the skin hydrated and fresh, though over-using these can make the hard-earned colour simply disappear. Be conservative with these products, but don't forgo them altogether. Showering is also an important factor - every treatment is going to be different. Consult your beautician about the perfect shower time for you, but note that it is important to use lukewarm water and avoid shower gels, particularly perfumed ones, which might damage the skin or decrease the colour. 

Self-tanning can be a huge confidence booster for anybody and will give you a healthy, European-like glow any time of the year. Fight the pale with these excellent tips and you'll be the envy of those around you.