Don't forget to have a spray tan before your graduation ceremony

Your graduation will typically be the pinnacle of your time in education. It’s therefore important that you don’t just work extremely hard on the run up to it, but that you also look flawless when collecting your diploma. This, of course, can be achieved with the help of spray tanning. If you’ll soon be stepping on stage in your cap and gown, here’s why you shouldn’t be without a bronze complexion.


You’ll have probably been busy with assignments and last minute examinations prior to your graduation. This means that you might not have found enough time to eat, sleep and look after yourself in the ways that you’d like to. Rather than show signs of this during your graduation, a spray tan solution can add a little colour to your skin and make you look much healthier for the big day. The final outcome should look like you’ve spent two weeks on a beach rather than revising in a library.


It can be a nerve-racking experience to stand up in front of so many people. Luckily, you’ll undoubtedly be beaming with self-confidence – not just because of your academic achievements but also because of the spray tan. The solution will make your skin feel soft and flawless, meaning you’ll have nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to hitting the stage in front of such a sizeable audience. It’s yet another reason why you’ll have a spring in your step on the special day.


A graduation ceremony just wouldn’t be complete without first sitting for a picture while wearing your cap and gown. It goes without saying that this image will likely stay with you for your whole life – so you better make it a good one! Thankfully, a spray tan won’t just give you that sun-kissed complexion that you desire, but can go some length to hiding flaws like blemishes and breakouts on your face.


All your hard work has paid off – and now you’re about to look drop dead gorgeous when the world finally sees how hard you’ve been working. To get your hands on a paraben-free spray tan solution before your graduation, check out the range at Fresh Indulgence.