It’s no secret that spray tan can work wonders – but could it even be your secret weapon to passing your driving test? While you’ll need to know your gears from your brakes, it’s true to say that the solution could be just the thing that leaves you with a licence in your hand after a rigorous 40 minutes on the road. So how can a stunning complexion help you smash your driving test? Here are three ways that you can use it to your advantage. 


The morning of your driving test should ideally be spent flicking through your highway code and getting last-minute experience behind the wheel. It’s unwise, however, to be pre-occupied with your beauty regime. Thankfully your daily routine – which might include moisturising and applying make-up – won’t be necessary if you’re already sporting a gorgeous spray tan. After all, the solution will ensure that you already wake-up looking like the best version of yourself.


There are many who believe that the success of a driving test largely comes down to confidence rather than skill. In this regard, you’ll surely be on to a winner by applying spray tanning solution ahead of getting behind the wheel. The process will leave you looking healthy, blemish-free and totally fabulous – ultimately giving you a much-needed boost of confidence before you take to the open road.


You’ll find that you give off nothing but positive vibes when you’re rocking a remarkably sun-kissed complexion. This could go some length to hiding your nerves, while also having an impact on the examiner. Yes, ultimately this individual is there to assess your driving skills – but it can’t hurt to also leave them with the impression that you’re a go-getter who won’t settle for anything less than perfection. This is the message that your glowing skin will send.

Good luck!

Driving tests can be incredibly stressful – but hopefully you’ll be taking the edge off it if you’re armed with a spray tan before yours. Therefore, don’t wait to get hold of the best paraben-free products by checking out the range available at Fresh Indulgence. The open road – and a stunning tan – awaits you!