It’s been found that up to two-thirds of women are on a diet at any one point. If you’re among them, you’ll no doubt deserve a pat on the back when you reach your target weight. You could, however, always go one step further by celebrating with a spray tan! There are many ways that you can benefit from a sun-kissed complexion after slimming down and achieving your ideal figure, so here are three for you to think about.

1. Confidence 

You might be surprised to learn that you’re not completely oozing self-confidence just because you’ve lost weight. After all, you could find that your skin doesn’t look as good once you’ve slimmed down. This is because when it’s not stretched so tight, it can give the illusion that you have wrinkles. Fear not, a spray tan will make you feel better about yourself! As well as hydrating your skin - which in turn makes it less susceptible to wrinkles - it will give it a consistently bronze tone all over that you’ll just love to show off.

2. Wardrobe

One downside to losing weight is having to invest in new clothes. It can be a daunting task, especially if you’re concerned about finding styles that will suit you and your skin tone. This is where a spray tanning solution can help. Once you’re sporting a golden bronze skin tone, you’ll find that you can get away with wearing many more colours and patterns than if you were pale. This is because darker colours won’t wash you out.

3. Flaunting

It’s a great feeling to be able to show off your weight loss after a successful diet. So as you prepare to strut your stuff, just think about how good it would feel if you’re also sporting a head-to-toe tan. Every part of you will look fabulous and ready to show to the world.

Treat yourself!

Whether you’re in the process of slimming down or whether you’ve already reached your ideal weight, you’ll only be complementing your new figure by using a spray tan. To choose from an amazing range of paraben-free products, be sure to check out Fresh Indulgence.