Think you know everything there is to know about spray tanning? With a lot of false information doing the rounds, you could be forgiven for getting your spray tanning know-how mixed up. Here, we separate fact from fiction with some of the most common spray tan myths.

Expect to look orange

There's a persistent rumour that spray tanning makes you look orange, but this is just bunkum. The only time you might end up looking like a citrus fruit is if you choose a spray tanning business that has a limited colour selection for your skin, or the technician applying it isn't properly qualified. A decent spray tan company will provide you with a natural tanning solution - without any hint of orange!

Spray tans smell horrible

Spray tanning solutions have advanced considerably in recent times, so gone are the days of the smelly spray tan kit. The solutions used now are much more appealing to the senses.

Spray tans don't last long

Whether you opt for a tan from the sun or a self-tan, the reality is, your bronzed look isn't going to last forever. However, by using a reputable self-tanning business that uses high-quality self-tanning solutions, and with the right spray tanning aftercare, you could enjoy a sun-kissed glow for up to 10 days.

It's only for the young

It's incorrect to assume that getting a spray tan is only something for the young. In fact, older people can also benefit from having a spray tan, as the procedure can rejuvenate tired, pale skin that often results from reduced oxygen in the cells of the skin as we get older. Not only can having a spray tan knock a few years off the visible appearance of your skin, but it can also give you a psychological boost.

A spray tan irritates the skin

If you've been put off getting a spray tan as you've heard it can irritate the skin, think again. The ingredients used in fake tans are harmless to the skin, but if you are concerned, choose a spray tanning business that offers a spray tan solution for sensitive skin, or uses natural ingredients that conform to safety guidelines, such as Fresh Indulgence.

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Image by Ben_Kerckx via Pixabay