When it comes to giving yourself a fresh fake tan at home, it can take a few times to get it right. Whether you are spray tanning before a holiday or want a natural day-to-day glow, the most important thing is to prepare your skin in advance and take your time when applying.

However, there are some other errors frequently made by those who are self-tanning. If you are looking for a professional-looking tan, take your time to learn from these common mistakes.

Not giving your spray tan enough time to develop

When spray tanning at home, it can be tempting to keep layering on more product in the hope that you will achieve a deeper, darker tan. Fake tan takes time to develop and will gradually darken over the course of the day. It is better to apply a minimal amount, assessing the skin tone you have achieved and then adding a little more over the following few days, once the first layer has fully developed.

Forgetting visible areas

When applying fake tan yourself, it can be easy to miss areas out. This can be disastrous once your tan has developed and you end up looking patchy. The sides of your fingers, your neck and behind the ears are frequent telltale areas, so make sure you haven't forgotten them.

Not using a certified fake tan

When choosing a self-tanning product, you should choose a product that conforms to all tanning safety guidelines. Look out for products that are 100% paraben-free and are made from natural ingredients to ensure you are giving your skin a truly natural glow.

Changing your bed sheets before a fake tan

However careful you think you have been, there is always a degree of transferral of fake tan onto materials you come into contact with. There is nothing more frustrating that a tanned set of bedsheets, so give it a couple of days before putting on your fresh white linen. The same can be said for clothing- opt for something dark and loose following a spray tan. Not only will this save your washing, but it will also allow your tan to develop without any patches being rubbed off.

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Image by FabricioMacedoPhotos via Pixabay