You may have the urge to stock up on natural tanning solution because it will help you to achieve your desired complexion and boost your confidence at the same time. This is true. However, there are a string of unexpected benefits that come from using fake tan. Within this in mind, here are four amazing side effects that you might not have realised you gain from regularly using spray tan.


A darker skin tone will cause your teeth to look slightly whiter. This, of course, is extremely desirable – especially before heading out with friends. While fake tan isn’t a substitute for visiting the dentist or practising good oral hygiene, it could save you time and money on unnecessary teeth whitening products. It’s yet another reason to smile while sporting your bronze complexion!


Your whole wardrobe opens up when you’ve got a sun-kissed complexion from head-to-toe. In particular, you can wear outfits that show off your entire body without having to worry that you will be flashing white patches in the process. This should also stop you from having to splash out on a new outfit every time you want to go to a social event.


The best spray tan products on the market are designed to keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated. The extra moisture used on your face through fake tan can actually combat some of the signs of ageing, especially in problem areas like around the eyes. Essentially, fake tan mousse can leave you both looking and feeling more youthful than ever.


Don’t forget, it can actually be rather fun to apply fake tan. It gives you an opportunity to exercise your creativity as you choose between a range of shades depending on your preference. Meanwhile, spray tan actually makes for a great activity during a girls’ night in or before you and your squad get ready to hit the town.

The benefits are waiting for you

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