The flu season has hit people particularly hard this year – and sadly we’re not out of the woods just yet. It seems that even if you can avoid falling victim to the virus, you’re still at risk of suffering from colds, coughs, chest infections and a whole manner of other bugs that are going around. So what’s the best way to pick yourself up after you’ve been struck down with an illness? It just so happens that a spray tan could be the remedy that you’re looking for. Here are three ways you can benefit from a spray tan when you’re recovering from an illness.


A splash of colour on your cheeks can make the world of difference when you’re on the mend. Rather than looking pale and rundown, you can once again appear active and vibrant with the help of spray tan. There will hopefully be no signs that you’ve even been feeling under the weather because you’ll look as fresh as a daisy with your golden brown skin.


The doctor typically orders you to relax and take it easy when you’re recovering from an illness. Aside from putting your feet up and watching television, you should be sure to enjoy the soothing sensation of applying spray tanning solution. It will help you unwind and feel at ease after the strenuous time your body has been through. 


There’s no denying that your self-esteem can take a hit when you’re not 100%. You can often feel icky and far from the best version of yourself. Fear not, your self-esteem will once again be restored once you’re sporting a sun-kissed complexion. After hiding away from the world, you can once again make a triumphant return while looking and feeling better than ever.

The perfect remedy!

Don’t underestimate the power of spray tan when you’ve been feeling under the weather. After all, it could be your secret weapon to bouncing back and feeling like your fabulous self once again. To purchase a paraben-free solution that’s guaranteed to leave your skin looking sun-kissed rather than orange, check out the range available at Fresh Indulgence.