It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of applying spray tanning solutions. In fact, the experience is so relaxing and fun that many people forget to pay special attention to their fingernails. You should, however, be sure to consider what you can do with your nails before, during and after applying a spray tan. After all, the solution could stain your fingernails and leave them looking streaked or marked. This would be a huge shame – especially since the rest of you will look fabulous when your new sun-kissed complexion is complete. Let’s look at three things to consider about your nails when applying a spray tan.


It could be in your interest to apply nail varnish before starting the tanning process. This will provide your nails with a protective coat in case they come into contact with the solution, meaning you can just enjoy tanning without having to worry. You could then apply a new coat or use nail varnish remover once you’ve completed the tanning process.


If you’re prepared, you could use a spray tanning mitt. This glove is designed to smooth in tanning solutions and protect your hands. As a result, you’ll be able to shield your nails from the mixture for the most part. Don’t forget that at some point you will have to bronze-up your hands, so it’s at this point when you’ll have to remove the mitt and put some focus on keeping your nails untouched.


You shouldn’t take for granted that you might want to mix things up a bit with your nails once you’re sporting a gorgeous new glow. After all, your skin tone will be looking darker and more even – possibly to the point where it warrants wearing a new shade of nail varnish. This is one of the many exciting by-products that comes from having beautiful, bronze skin.

Where to start?

Before you consider your nails, you’ll first need to get your hands on the best spray tanning products to achieve the look you deserve. Therefore, don’t wait to check out the wide range of fabulous paraben-free products available at Fresh Indulgence.

Image by Mountainbeehive via Pixabay