Everyone knows that a spray tan will make you look drop dead gorgeous – but did you know that it can also nudge you towards hitting your fitness goals? While the bronzing solution won’t make you lose weight or eat healthily, what it can do is subtly motivate you to reach all your health-related targets. Once you’ve lathered the moisture onto your skin and are proudly rocking a golden brown complexion, here are three ways it can help you to reach your fitness goals. 


The fact that you want to change something about yourself – whether it’s your weight or muscle mass – suggests that you might be lacking some sort of confidence. Luckily, this need not stop you from hitting the gym – especially if you’re sporting a killer complexion. The boost to your self-esteem won’t just keep you on track when you’re thinking about throwing in the towel, it will make you feel more confident in your skin during your journey.


Get ready for sore feet and achy muscles. This, unfortunately, is just part and parcel of exercising and getting fit. Don’t worry, there’s a secret weapon to keeping these ailments to a minimum – a spray tan! The act of lathering on the solution can be incredibly soothing, in the process providing you with just the right amount of relaxation so that you can hit it hard during your next workout. 


You might find that your complexion takes a hit when you kick-start a new fitness regime. This could be because you’re sweating a lot more or because you’ve overhauled your diet. Rather than allow this to stress you out, you can cover any imperfections with spray tanning solution. The mixture is perfect for covering blemishes and leaving you with a healthy glow even when you’re not quite feeling 100%. 

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The fact that it can help you smash your fitness goals is yet another reason why you shouldn’t be without a spray tan. If you can’t wait to get your hands on some so that you can look better than ever, be sure to check out the paraben-free products available at Fresh Indulgence.