Fool your friends with glowing skin

Feel like you're missing out on all those tropical holidays and sun-kissed skin while you're stuck here in the rainy old UK? Back in the noughties it was acceptable to slap some tanning moisturiser on and leave the house with orange hands (and toes if you were particularly unlucky!), but in 2017 not so much. Here are our tips for getting that sun-kissed look without ever leaving the house, using products that are 100% paraben-free and won't cause you any sun damage.

Use quality equipment

One of the most important tips in the industry - after all, picking up a cheap kit from a dodgy website is never likely to garner the best results! Equipment that's hygienic as well as easy to use is essential for any adventures in spray tanning in order to prevent uneven application, smears and splotches. No one wants to leave the tanning booth looking like they're a Dalmatian after all. You can also opt for a <a href="">vivid pink set</a> if that's your kind of thing.

Scrub, scrub, scrub

One of the essential parts of any skincare routine is exfoliation, and with a spray tan, it's no different. Even a fantastic formula will stick differently to any dry patches of skin, so get your skin as smooth and sleek as possible before getting sprayed down. Our recipes are super gentle and paraben-free so even those suffering from drying skin conditions shouldn't see any post-spray issues.
Suitable for your skin tone

Naturally, your friends will be suspicious of spray-tan activity if your ordinarily vampire-pale self shows up as a glowing goddess the next day! If you want to fool your friends, build your spray tan up gradually. Not only is this a more efficient form of tricking those closest to you, but you can also discover which colour best matches your skin tone rather than going too deep too soon.

Ready to get yourself glowed up? Our Fresh Indulgence spray tan solution might be just what you need. Find out more about the range <a href="">here</a>, and discover a skin conditioning, vitamin-filled tan for yourself.