Ethical beauty is on the rise, with many shoppers now wanting to focus on the origins, processes and ingredients that are behind their favourite products. The fact that ethical products are better for the planet as well as the people who inhabit it is a huge selling point. But did you know that ethical beauty can be so much better for your health, wellbeing and skin too? Read on and find out four reasons why ethical beauty is better for your body.

1. Less chemicals and artificial ingredients means less irritation

Many non-ethical beauty products are full of synthetic ingredients that can actually cause sensitivity and aggravation in the long run. Allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemicals are often found in non-natural products and they can weaken your skin’s barrier, or cause allergic reactions such as eye irritation and redness. Natural, organic and vegan ethical products tend to have much smaller ingredient lists, with a focus on quality, pure and naturally derived ingredients that your skin will be able to tolerate much easier.

2. Your skin will have a new lease of life

Ethical make-up can do wonders for the skin, giving it a chance to breathe and thrive again. Rather than smothering skin and causing aggravation, it will work with your skin’s natural barrier with ingredients that are much more natural and considered. Vegan, fair trade and cruelty-free make-up brands have the added benefit of assuring that its ingredients come from non-exploitative or cruel environments and that animals have not been harmed or used to produce your product too.

3. You can give your hair the rebalance that it needs

The scalp has long been overlooked when it comes to skin care… in fact, many still don’t treat it with the care you would your legs or arms. Ethical, organic and natural hair care tends to eliminate silicones and sulfates from their ingredients, which are known to cause itchy scalps and dry hair.

4. Naturally derived products have aromatherapeutic properties

Many eco-conscious beauty companies are much more considerate of the benefits that scent has on the mind, soul and body. By working with the people who are closer to the ingredients when it comes to picking or harvesting them, they also tend to have more understanding of traditional uses and properties too. For example, ingredients such as lavender, bergamot and chamomile tend to be used for soothing and sleep-aid products, all plant-derived ingredients that have been used to calm and aid-sleep for centuries.