When you think about using a tanning salon, you have two options: get a spray tan, which you have to spend some time up front preparing for, or lay in a tanning bed where you can just get in and get going. The latter sounds like a better option on paper because it's quick and convenient, but in reality, those UV rays can do some serious damage to your skin.

So what's the best way to tan?

Many people say that their skin feels far more moisturised and radiant with a spray tan. The spray-on version doesn't last as long as the UV variety, but it also doesn't damage your skin. There is an exfoliating process before a spray session, to liberate your skin of dead cells and make the tan more durable. After exfoliating, you will need to avoid using chemicals on your skin, because they could prevent the spray from taking hold. Spray tanning is a process, but it's worth the effort.

Of course, although sunbed tanning can be harmful to skin, it looks more natural and will last longer. But the risks of UV exposure include premature ageing, sunburn and even skin cancer. Fair-skinned people are most likely to suffer sunburn from a tanning bed, and this is obviously not good for your skin. And the risk of developing skin cancer from the UV exposure should be a huge red flag, particularly if you top up your tan regularly.

It's a hard life keeping up with all the beauty maintenance, and it can be tempting to take the options that are easy and quick. But your health and safety should always come first, and spray tanning puts your skin health at the forefront every time.