4 occasions a spray tan is perfect for

Being tan isn't just about making your skin look darker. Tanning brings us confidence, makes us look slimmer and creates a wonderful glow that people notice each and every time. If you've been wanting to treat yourself to a spray tan lately but aren't sure why you need one, here are the top occasions we think a spray tan is perfect for! 

1. Just before your holiday

We know lots of people go on holiday with the aim of getting tanner. However, there's nothing wrong with giving your skin a little boost before you hit the sun full time. A glow before you leave can help encourage your skin to tan and it also means you'll look brilliant from start to finish of your break. It's a myth that you can't naturally tan when you've got a spray tan. 

2. Christmas

Christmas is often associated with cold, ice and chilly winter conditions, but that doesn't mean your skin needs to be icy too. Christmas sees the increased emergence of beautiful warm colours such as ruby red, royal blues and emerald greens and these colours go beautifully with a spray tan. Give your skin the gift of colour with a beautiful spray tan. 

3. Wedding days

Whether it's your wedding day or you're attending a friend's wedding as a bridesmaid, maid of honour or guest, a spray tan is a perfect way to enhance your outfit. We often think tan would look "orange" next to white, but just because you get a spray tan doesn't mean it needs to be extremely dark. You should choose a light glow that complements your skin tone and leaves you looking and feeling amazing. 

4. Girls' night out

There is no better excuse for a spray tan than a night out with your best friends. A spray tan can make you look slimmer and enhance all the favourite bits of your body so you can look and feel fantastic whilst dancing the night away. Spray tans are hassle free, so if you're deciding a last minute night out, it's still possible to get that glow before you go! 

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