Valentine's Day is just around the corner and that means, romance, flowers, hearts, chocolates and more! If you're planning a romantic date with your partner or even a "boy-free" evening on a girls night out, there is one addition to the evening that will leave you not only looking fabulous but feeling fantastic too - a spray tan. 

Why get a spray tan for Valentine's day?

A spray tan is perfect for most occasions, but Valentine's day is often an opportunity to dress up and look amazing. Not only will your spray tan leave you with a natural glow that will make your skin appear silky smooth and beautiful, but it can also help us "contour" those areas of our bodies which we don't feel as comfortable with. 

A spray tan can take inches off your body, allowing you to feel confident and look magical for a romantic evening. Your spray tan can hide spots and stretch marks (which are common for both men and women), and the spray tan will even out your skin tone which will allow your best bits to shine by creating a radiant finish. 

Some tips to create that perfect Valentine's Day tan

• Always wear loose clothing when applying a tan, don't wear your chosen Valentine's Day outfit!

• Prepare 24 hours before. Don't leave this until the last minute, as it could increase your chances of a tan appearing "patchy". You should shave, shower and exfoliate well before you tan. Also remember to moisturise well before applying spray tan as this will keep your skin hydrated, and prevent dead/dry skin cells from forming on the skin's surface. 

• It's also important to moisturise after you’ve had your spray tan too to help allow it to last longer and look better. 

• Don't apply perfume, deodorant, makeup (until after). Remove all of your jewellery, including rings, otherwise, you risk leaving marks behind.

• Don't wear socks and shoes or anything that will "mark" your skin.

Follow these tips to ensure your tan looks fabulous the whole day. If you're ready to choose a perfect tan for Valentine's Day then look no further than our range of Fresh Indulgence. Our tan is 100 % paraben free and our tans are packed with skin condition ingredients alongside vitamins so your skin will feel great.