If you’re single and ready to mingle then you might be tempted to set up an online dating profile. How can you stand out from the crowd though when the site is packed full of gorgeous girls also looking to bag themselves a man? Well, you can set yourself apart by rocking a spray tan on the pictures that you upload. Here are four ways that your glowing complexion can lead to your next romance.


Your fellow singletons might be reluctant to swipe right if it’s obvious that you’ve edited your photos. The question is: how can you present the best version of yourself without applying a filter? It just so happens that spray tanning can make you look naturally glowing and free from imperfections, meaning there’s no need to start editing the snaps.


A sun-kissed complexion can be just the thing to catch someone’s eye as they’re sieving through a long list of girls. You won’t blend into the background unlike if you had pale skin, but will instead radiate from the screen. Don’t forget that online dating is all about attracting someone’s attention.


A picture says 1,000 words. Rather than try to sell yourself in your bio, you can let your images speak for themselves. If you’re sporting a perfect spray tan, you’ll send the message that you take pride in your appearance and are keen to make a good first impression. This should reassure people that you’re the type of girl who they could meet in person when the time comes.


Let’s not forget that online daters are typically looking for great conversation, dates and the possibility of a relationship. Since spray tan adds moisture to your skin, it will make you look lively and full of energy – two things that will surely tempt people to strike up a conversation with you.
It’s selfie time!
You’ll have plenty of fun lathering on your spray tan and taking pictures – then the fun really starts when you upload them online! If you’re ready to turn heads with a sun-kissed complexion, be sure to buy the highest quality, paraben-free products from Fresh Indulgence.